by Zelda Orpheus and Nate

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I'm actually pleasantly surprised. Reading this has proven atleast one thing to me.
Christianity in itself is only as homophobic as the people that choose to interpret it that way.
All of the rather gritty and "tough love" instigated in books like Leviticus seem to be washed away in
the new testament, with Jesus being all "Hey guys, can't we all just be chill, grab some wine, and go fishing?"
And now I can officially counterpoint anyone saing pornography is blasphemy by saying "Dood, read the song of solomon, and just TRY to see it as anything other than porn."

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I wish I had that many nicknames. All I got is Nate, which is my ACTUAL NAME. Zelda never told me we were supposed to give ourselves cool fake names.
Sad days...