by Zelda Orpheus and Nate

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What youíre aiming for when meditating is the state of mind youíre in just before you fall asleep, when you see and hear random things, but is still awake.
The tricky part here is to not slip completely into dreamland, and you will most likely fall asleep the first few times. Not to worry.
Itís completely normal, and will be some of the best naps youíll ever have.
Now imagine yourself standing on a spot in a big empty universe. See the world change around you. Just let it flow past you, in and out of the universe.
It might look like something, it might just be colours and sounds. Doesnít matter. You might even see monsters charging at you.
Either ignore them, or get a good look at them and then tell them to screw off because youíre in the middle of something here.
At some point the world around you will get more solid and take shape. The landscape youíre now in can be anything. A forest, beach, field, desert, sea, swamp, suburban neighbourhood, or a volcanic landscape.
Now go exploring in this world. It will change around you as you do so, and thatís okay. At one point the forest I walked through turned into a park,
and then after crawling through some bushes ended up in the middle of the ocean underwater. So be prepared for whatever happens.
You might find the totem at this point, but if you donít, go actively looking for it. It can be anywhere.
And a friendly warning. If you meet your favourite animal, be very suspicious, because chances are that youíre forcing the animal there because you desperately want a wolf/bear/fox/hawk/tiger as your totem.
When you meet it, greet it and spend some time together. Feel it, listen to it, look at it. Then part ways, go back to your spot and wake up.

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