by Zelda Orpheus and Nate


Right, as if anyone's actually asked us any of this stuff.
We were just bored and decided to make up our page.
Is that sad? Becuase I thought it seemed kind of pathetic..

1. So...you make a comic...about... what exactly?

Pretty much anything interesting that happend to us that day. No matter how trivial and boring it is,
We always just sort of assume that someone on the internet will think it's the most hilarious thing ever.

2. So, this stuff is all true?

Except for when we lie to you. But because we're such nice people, we tend to give you a warning
about it. We're really bad liars..

3. Isn't making a comic solely about yourselves incredibly vain, unoriginal, and shows a lack of talent for this medium of creativity and a pathetic blatant show of trying to get cheap attention?

We've never done anything to get attention, cheap or
otherwise. Besides making banners for comicgen to show.
Hell, it wasn't until about four months after we started
that we had any idea that people other than us even read
the comic! But we just do this for fun, and we fully
admit that we aren't a real comic. We're just a blog
with pictures. Poorly drawn pictures. And we thought it
would be easier and more fun to make a picture blog on
comicgen than a livejournal. If you don't like our
little blomic thing, no worries, we got plenty of ACTUAL
comics on the links you'd enjoy.

4. So how old are you three?

Old enough to know not to know better.

5. Why do you gots fake names? Are you hiding from the law? Are you drug mules? re you comic making drug addicted meth whores?!

The internet can be a cruel, unforgiving, and merciless monster. So we're using super secret codenames. I feel like Nancy Drew!

6. Does Orpheus rly have blue hair?

ya ttly. :) Alright typing like that is making me feel gross, so text speak ends now. Forever.

7. Why come Nate is such a grumpy Gretchen? Did ninjas cut out his tongue, as punishment for revealing their secrets?

First off, wow.
Nate is just a few USB ports short of being a robot, so give him a break. Emotions are a strange and alien thing.
Also he's very fun to draw looking bored and slightly annoyed. It's just adorable for us.

8. Can I steal your comics and claim them as my own?

You just answered your own question buddy. NO.

9. Is Zelda a lesbian or something?

No, she's just eternally single because her plain face and unpleasant personality make men not want to be near her.

Doodle Diaries is hosted by Keenspace, a free hosting service for webcomics..well it was called keenspace but now it's called Comicgenesis.
Though I guess it's also called stripspace too. But it's commonly refered to as comicgen.
I wish I had that many nicknames. All I got is Nate, which is my ACTUAL NAME. Zelda never told me we were supposed to give ourselves cool fake names.
Sad days...